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Security & Defence

Full Coverage of vessel's security and defence needs, including lethal and nonlethal means to counter piracy threat.

In recent years the issue of piracy on the high seas has been a chronic disease inflicting the maritime business operations together with a continual increase of maritime insurance tariffs. Recent hijacking incidents off the Eastern coast of Africa exposed the almost absolute vulnerability of ships on the high seas to piracy and terror attacks.Therefore, together with the International Security Academy of Israel we offer the following security services:
  • On-board Sea Marshals who use lethal or non-lethal means to counter piracy threats.
  • Supply and design of defensive counter piracy equipment.
  • Vessel security plan review and recommendations to Master.
  • Ship\Shore based sea marshal training school which include training of CSO's (companies' security officers).
  • Crisis management, preparedness consulting, including evacuation from any part of the world.

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