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Online Update System

What is The On-Line Update System?

The On-line Update System is a confidential web application that provides you, by entering vessel's personal web page, with all the information available regarding vessel's operation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability.

What are the benefits of the system?

The system provides information regarding the vessel, since the moment we are nominated until after departure.

  • Quantities Discharged/Loaded + Rates. (Visual Oil Level).
  • Discharging / Loading Documents (PDF+TIF).
  • ETC / ETD Calculations.
  • Mooring Operations.
  • Cargo Operation.
  • Bunkers (arrival / departure).
  • Drafts (arrival / departure).
  • Weather Forecast.

Cargo quantities are updated on hourly basis !!

The system has a very friendly interface which helps you to find the information desired very easily.

Who can see the information?

The system is confidential, entering the system is possible only after providing a user name and password given by us, or by pressing a special link that is sent to authorized by e-mail.


Visual Oil Level

Live status of oil level



Discharging / Loading Documents

2 Formats - in Vessel's page

  • No depending on e-mail
  • Safe & Secure