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Ashkelon Port

Founded in 1968, the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co. Ltd. (EAPC) serves as a land bridge for transporting crude oil from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and vice versa.

The crude oil pipeline system consists of 3 separate pipelines:
A 42'' diam. line 254 km long links the Red Sea Port of Eilat with the Mediterranean Port of Ashkelon. The two other lines feed the Oil Refineries in Haifa and Ashdod. The company operates two oil ports and two oil depot terminals.

The services provided by the company, in addition to pipeline transit of crude oil, include long term terminal storage and crude oil blending to customer requirements.

Besides crude oil activity, EAPC gives also infrastructure services for liquefied petroleum gas, oil products, natural gas and coal.

In the near future EAPC will be expanding its activities in the fields of power plants, chemicals and more.


Port Regulations & Safety Requirements